“Your CRM has kept me on track and none of it could’ve been done without your help. Thank you for constantly adding value and making it about your clients! Keep up the good work! You have a bright future ahead of you!”

Corey MoodyCorey Moody

“Received some awesome #BeastMode swag from Donald Ross today! Thanks for thinking of Titanium Investments and making us feel special as your client!”

RJ Bates IIIRJ Bates III

“If you're an investor and you have a hard time managing your leads, or your follow up game sucks, your check out Beast Mode CRM. It has changed my game!”

Jason McDougallJason McDougall

“REI Beast Mode allows for infinite possibilities in managing our real estate company's many layers of marketing campaigns as well as provide excellent training and customer support in using such a wonderful software platform.”

Brian DanielsBrian Daniels

“ 100 stars, smart people, smart system. Done for you product that helps the follow up process and organization”

Alex JacobsAlex Jacobs

“Having and using the proper tools in your business means the difference between making money and losing money. With so many CRM options to pick I'm very glad I went with BEAST MODE because their support, training, and overall business practices are on point. If you are in the REI game and are thinking about making a CRM upgrade I highly suggest you stop dicking around and get a demo of Beast Mode by REI Automation Squad,”

Paul Del PozoPaul Del Pozo

What Do You Get?

  • K.I.S.S

    Our members work out of one app 98% of time. There is no longer a question of what the current status is, where the notes are, when the last call was with the seller, or when the next follow up date is...it's all in one place!

  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

    The money is in the follow up...Our CRM comes with SMS (text) & RVM (Ringless Voicemail) drip follow up for short term & long term out of the box using your local CallRail Phone #'s.

  • KPI's

    It's hard to get where you want to be, without first knowing where you've been! Tracking your numbers and knowing your numbers has never been easier with the tracking built into our CRM. We are big supporters of the EOS/Traction business model.

  • Backing Up Data

    A valid concern with any cloud based database "is my data backed up", yes we back up nightly. We are able to provide Excel CSV files of the backup if needed.

  • Support

    The following support is offered: 1) Support Ticket Platform 2) Weekly Zoom Q&A 3) Private Facebook Group 4) Voxer (Walkie Talkie App)

  • Migration

    A concern we hear form members that already have a Podio workspace is, "I don't want to lose my items, comments, files, and task in my current workspace"...no worries we have the ability bring them over to allow access moving forward!

Have Questions?

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Let's Get Started
    • 1. Getting Your Request Ready - Support Ticket
    • 2. Signing up for a free Podio Account
    • 3. CallRail - Marketing Phone #'s
    • 4. Easy Button REI - Ringless Voicemail (RVM)
    • 5. OnCarrot (Optional) - Seller/Buyer Websites - $97 per site
    • What to Expect

Pricing options

3 Users or Less - $197 a Month, 5 Users or Less - $217 a Month, 10 Users or Less $317